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Yearbook 40| 2019
History Didactics and Public History
  • Preface
Historical Thinking
  • Terry Haydn
    Changing ideas about the role of historical thinking in school history: A view from England
  • Jukka Rantala and Najat Ouakrim-Soivio
    Historical thinking skills: Finnish history teachers’ contentment with their new curriculum
  • Marjolein Wilke, Fien Depaepe and Karel Van Nieuwenhuyse
    Teaching about historical agency: An intervention study examining changes in students’ understanding and perception of agency in past and present
  • Floor van Alphen and Karel Van Nieuwenhuyse
    Conceptualizing ‘identity’ in history education research
  • Georg Marschnig
    Language matters: The hidden curriculum of historical thinking as a challenge in teacher training
  • Laura Trivińo-Cabrera
    Utopia, historical thought and multimodality for the media empowerment of pre-service trainee history teachers
  • Maria Mavormmati
    Enhancing historical film literacy: A practical framework and findings from an undergraduate classroom
  • Csaba Jancsák, Eszter Szonyi and Ágnes Képiró
    The impact of video testimonies in Holocaust education in Hungary
  • Cynthia Wallace-Casey
    ‘I want to remember’: Student narratives and Canada’s History Hall
  • Christian Heuer
    ‘Does the teacher matter?’: Questions about the unknown perspectives from German-language history didactics
  • Danuta Konieczka-Sliwinska
    Concepts for teaching about regions in Polish schools at the beginning of the 21st century in the light of curricula
Book Reviews
  • Harry Haue
    On Susanne Popp, Katja Gorbahn and Susanne Grindel (eds), History Education and (Post)Colonialism: International Case Studies
  • Eleni Apostolidou
    On Anna Clark and Carla L. Peck (eds), Contemplating Historical Consciousness: Notes from the Field
  • Barnabas Vajda
    On Joanna Wojdon, Textbooks as Propaganda: Poland under Communist Rule: 1944-1989
  • Abstracts
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