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Yearbook 39 | 2018
History Didactics and Public History
  • Preface
Public History and History Education
  • Barbara Silva
    History, narrative and the public: towards a social dimension of history as a discipline
  • Elias Stouraitis
    Deconstructing the historical culture of Massively Multiplayer Online Games: a participatory interactive past
  • Karel van Nieuwenhuyse
    The 'Great History Quiz': Measuring public historical knowledge and thinking in Flanders
  • Denisa Labischová
    The influence of the didactic structuring of learning tasks on the quality of perception, analysis and interpretation of a historical cartoon
  • Joanna Wojdon
    Museum lessons and the teacher’s role
  • Karel van Nieuwenhuyse and Bernd Stienaers
    The national past according to Flemish secondary school history teachers: Representations of Belgian history in the context of a nation state in decline
  • Mare Oja, Grete Rohi and Merike Värs
    History teaching at post-elementary school in Estonia – successes and challenges
  • Anu Raudsepp and Tõnu Tannberg
    The impact of World War I on the rise of national states: challenges of history textbook writing
  • Stanislaw Roszak
    Between dominance and democracy in the selection and content of textbooks in Poland
  • Sara Zamir and Lea Baratz
    Victim themes in contemporary history curricula for state junior high schools in Israel – can the past construct future consciousness of victimhood?
  • Wolfgang Hasberg
    Epoch – a useful parameter for measuring time? An urgent inquiry
  • Abstracts
  • Athors
  • Peer-Reviewers of the 2017 and 2018 JHEC
  • Call for Papers

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