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Yearbook 37 | 2016
Nostalgia in Historical Consciousness and Culture / Developing Creative Interactions of Local, National and Global Topics of History Education
Nostalgia in historical Consciousness and Culture

Yearbook 36 | 2015
History and Edutainment
Yearbook 35 | 2014
Colonialism, Decolonization and Postcolonial Historical Perspectives: Challenges for History Didactics and History Teaching in a Globalizing World

Yearbook 34 | 2013
Cultural and Religious Diversity and its Implications for History Education

Yearbook 33 | 2012
From Historical Research to School History: Problems, Relations, Challenges

Yearbook 32 | 2011
Analyzing Textbooks: Methodological Issues

Yearbook 31 | 2010
Empirical Researching on History Learning

Yearbook 29/30 | 2008/09
History Teaching in the Crossfire of Political Interests


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