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Yearbook 37 | 2016
Nostalgia in Historical Consciousness and Culture / Developing Creative Interactions of Local, National and Global Topics of History Education
  • Preface
Nostalgia in historical Consciousness and Culture
  • Elisabeth Erdmann and Arja Virta
    Introduction: The pain and lightness of nostalgia
  • Angela Bartie, Linda Fleming, Mark Freeman, Tom Hulme, Paul Readman and Charlotte Tupman
    he redress of the past: historical pageants in twentiethcentury England
  • Adele Nye
    Historical thinking and objects of nostalgia
  • Penelope Harnett
    ‘The air raid shelter was great.’ Nostalgic experiences or authentic historical learning? Analysing interactive approaches to learning about World War Two with primary aged pupils
  • Patrizia Audenino
    Public compensation and private permanent loss: The memory of twentieth century European refugees
  • Joanna Wojdon
    Nostalgia of Polish political émigrés in America after WWII
Developing creative Interactions of local, national and global Topics of history Education
  • Urte Kocka
    Rethinking the local and the national in a global perspective
  • Mare Oja
    Local, national and global level in history teaching in Estonia
  • Barnabás Vajda
    On the global – national – regional – local layers of Slovak secondary school history textbooks
  • Anu Raudsepp and Karin Veski
    Colonialism and decolonisation in Estonian history textbooks
  • Wolfgang Hasberg
    Fascination for dark: medieval history between edutainment and Vergangenheitsbewirtschaftung
  • Karel Van Nieuwenhuyse
    Is seeing believing? On the educational use of mainstream historical films in the history classroom
  • Abstracts
  • Athors’s Index
  • Peer-Reviewers of the 2015 and 2016 JHEC
  • Call for Papers

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