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Yearbook 36 | 2015
History and Edutainment
  • Preface
  • Arja Virta
    Seeing the past in pictures: children’s historical picture books as an introduction to history
  • Susanne Popp, Jutta Schumann and Miriam Hannig
    ‘Histotainment’ by popular history magazines. The ‘edutaining’ design of history and its challenges for media critical history education
  • Agnes Fischer-Dàrdai and Krisztina Dezso
    Edutainment in the museum – A place where you can experience the history of the University of Pécs in an interactive environment
  • Angelos Palikidis
    ‘Discovering’ 150 years of history in a portmanteau: An educational history programme at the Ethnological Museum of Thrace
  • Karl Benziger
    Music, minstrels, and the American Civil War: Entertainment, imagination and historical interpretation
  • Konrad Kochel and Maria Stinia
    Educational values of traditional board games
  • Piotr Podemski
    Teaching middle school history through grand strategy video games: The case of Europa Universalis
  • Urte Kocka
    Edutainment in Global History
  • Markus Furrer
    The modern contemporary witness and his double role as a ‘histotainment’-figure and an object of oral history – a dilemma for history teaching?
  • Barbara Wagner
    The seriousness and fun, when edutainment is associated with history teaching
  • Eleni Apostolidou
    Affordances and constraints of history edutainment in relation to historical thinking
  • Karel van Nieuwenhuyse
    Increasing criticism and perspectivism: Belgian-Congolese (post)colonial history in Belgian secondary history education curricula and textbooks (1990-present)
  • Elisabeth Erdmann and Wolfgang Hasberg
    Proceedings in history teacher education? Results of a global study of the impacts of the Bologna Reform
  • Abstracts
  • Athors’s Index
  • Peer-Reviewers of the 2013 and 2014 Yearbook
  • Call for Papers

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